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7 Pillars of Your Author Empire

1) Why Write?

There are many reasons to write. Usually many or all of the following apply.

  • Inspired to Share? - Your expertise and story are unique + important to share.
  • Royalties? - You might enjoy the Author's Lifestyle of ever flowing royalties. So whenever you desire an income increase, you simply write another book or two.
  • Business? - Branding or List Building or Gatewaying to other products - like coaching + consulting + courseware + certifications.

2) Writing Craft

  • What you say.
  • How you say, what you say.
  • Who you say it too.
  • How often + how long you say it.
  • Together, these 5 Masteries determine the speed + magnitude + longevity of your success.

The best way to improve Your Writing Craft is to write.

Writing is equal parts unique conversational style content + practice + persistence.

The good news is, generating unique content is part art + science. Once you learn the science, the art becomes fun + easy.

3) Rapid Writing

Like to be a Wealthy Author? Your income will track your Speed Writing expertise - which requires mastery of the following...

  • Content Capture. You probably speak around 30+ book pages per hour, so one book for every 3 hours of conversation. Trick is capturing your conversations then, publishing them so you're compensated multiple times (sometimes every hour or minute) for all your conversations. This requires you train yourself to gently + constantly think ahead, designing + arranging to capture all your natural conversations in forms which are easy to edit + master + publish, with only a few minutes work for the entire process.
  • Record Everything! Carry a Digital Recorder and notepad with you at all times. Especially when someone else is responsible for recording. If they drop the ball, ensure you take up the slack.
  • Tools Rule! Once you've captured content, you'll require converting it to salable form. This is where tools come into play, which allow you to repurpose content in a variety of forms.

4) Empire Design

Your Empire forms an entire Content Ecosystem.

Your Success - speed + magnitude of your cashflow - revolves around you knowing...

  • What to publish. Where to publish.
  • When to publish. How often to publish.
  • What format to publish (audio + video + books + courseware).
  • Monetization - What's free + paid + price points.

There are several secrets to this process. First, publish a series or web of related products rather than one. Second, master tools and Workflows (think recipes) for rapidly creating + publishing content.

For example...

  • BookGen The Book Generator I use allows me to write books as fast as publishing a blog post. My goal is to eventually provide this online for you to use too.
  • ScreenFlow for rapidly generating either free videos or paid courseware. The trick here is to have templates (with intro + outro, audio + video), so you can drop in raw video + export + upload in a flash.

5) Tribe Building

Tribe vs. Traffic is always a great balancing act.

Tribe are those people you have relationship with, which is persistent. In other words, nothing may occur to break your relation, hence you'll be exchanging your service + expertise for their money, forever...

Traffic are the great unwashed masses.

Consider a newspaper. Traffic are all readers. Tribe is the subset of readers interested in whatever product or service you provide.

Tribe Building is the process of sorting + sifting through Traffic to identify which are Tribe. Then creating a hub around which Your Tribe magnetizes + sticks forever. Allowing you to be in constant conversation with them.

Most newbie marketers focus on Traffic rather than Tribe using paid advertising like Adwords, Ads, radio or television spots, direct mail. The list of paid advertising venues is long.

Paid is a problem though. If you invest in a paid marketing adventure (experiment) and it fails to produce enough sales to pay for itself, then you're upside down (money lost).

Better to use zero or near zero cost marketing venues which have already done the sorting + sifting of Traffic into Tribe.

My Beautiful Business Codex walks through all sorts of zero or near zero cost marketing venues along with many ways to speed up + optimize using each.

6) Book Team

There's only so much you can do on your own. Producing fastest + greatest success requires your assemble a top flight Team.

Your choices here are extremely important. Each choice either increases or drains your available time + energy + money.

My Beautiful Business Codex is filled with tips + tricks + tech for rapidly increasing your time + energy + money.

7) Marketing

Almost everyone is confused about Marketing which is...

  • Managing many, parallel, normal conversations...
  • About what you have of value (product + service + information...
  • To build relationships...
  • With people interested in what your providing..

Internet Marketing is simply leveraging technology to effectively manage many parallel conversations. Starting new conversations. Continuing existing conversations.

Near Zero SEO is a great technology to escape the SEO Shell Game. I'll cover this more in coming projects and this is simply optimizations you can make to your own Web pages to attract Traffic + Tribe with Near Zero Time + Money. And you'll never have to concern yourself with top search results again. This is a Do Once + Done Always activity.

Book Design Quickstart Checklist

1) Mastermind

Join The Book Design Mastermind hosted via the group Book Design Mastermind Tribe.

For now, you can always contact me to help you start your own local Book Design Mastermind. Shortly I'll add a chapter to my Beautiful Business Codex about running your own Mastermind Group.

2) Participate

Projects - as they announce, join in the fun! You can either join an existing group or start your own.

Experiments - do them! There's thinking + studying... then there's doing...


"To have different, you must do different." - Master Meta.

3) Read Beautiful Business

My Beautiful Business Codex a great starting point for both Book Design and Empire Design.

Read chapters in the following order... Kindle Books, then using and finally Direct Traffic Magic which is Pure Gold.

4) Consult With Me

If you desire or require assistance you can pitch me to be one of my consulting clients.

Start by reading Beautiful Business Codex, which will likely answer many of your questions.

If you desire consulting with me, contact me by sending a... Add Contact Request to... ID davidfavor. Be sure you mention Book Design Mastermind in your request for me to accept.

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